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Do you plan your house remodeling project? Maybe you require deck remodeling services in Schofield, WI? If you do, Kellner Construction is the company for you. I work with many people both locally and the other areas I serve.

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My Services

I provide excellent home remodeling services for my customers, and these can range from the bathroom and kitchen renovations to flooring, roofing, and siding to windows and door replacement, deck renovation, and more. I also do installation work for concrete countertops, regular and walk-in bathtubs, and tile showers. My company even does general construction work for residential clients.

What I Do

Once you choose my remodeling service, I will first ascertain the information that concerns your project, and based on your requirements, will provide you with a balanced estimate on my labor. I will propose the most appropriate solutions for your needs and will explain the details regarding the terms and cost of the contract. I will use materials of excellent quality and will meet each of your demands in a timely and professional manner.

The Benefits of Choosing My Company

My remodeling and construction services come at reasonable rates, and I specialize in working with residential homeowners. I have detailed consultations with my clients before each project which makes my work more personalized. Licensed and insured, I know how to address your needs and will impress you with a flawless service.

Based in Schofield, WI, Kellner Construction is the solution for people who demand excellent quality and reliable services. Call me today to book an appointment!

remodeled living room
by Rodolfo Sutton on Kellner Construction
Excellent Services

I hired this professional for the renovation of my bathroom, and his work is simply amazing. He took care of everything I asked for and I will definitely hire him again. His company has my sincere recommendations.

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